Thursday, January 22, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas in Carrollton 2008

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday!

On Christmas day the weather was absolutely beautiful, so Maxey and I worked in the yard together. It was a great day! That evening Dawn and Gage came over for supper. Gage requested chicken and dumplings; we all ate until we were about to burst. Then we drove around Carrollton enjoying everyone's Christmas lights.

The day after Christmas Kit, Ashley and Foster came to town. What a wonderful family! We SO ENJOYED them! They got to stay until Sunday afternoon. Maile and Jeremy got back from their visit in Amarillo Saturday night, so we all got to be together all day Sunday! It was terrific! We all had breakfast together, played all morning with Foster, ate a huge lunch of chicken-fried steak, then exchanged gifts in the afternoon just before Kit, Ashley and Foster had to go home.

The weather was so nice that Foster got to spend a lot of time playing outside. I had acquired a little push car for him. He loved it! And I had gotten a teepee with tunnels which I set up in the living room. We had so much fun! Our neighbors had loaned us the Fisher Price Nativity Set which I set up on the hearth of the fireplace. Foster and Precious played and played with it. I don't think it ever dawned on him that it was strange that his playmate was a little short and very hairy. They really, really enjoyed each other--as you can see by the photos: