Sunday, June 24, 2012

VBS 2012 -- Building the Stage Set

Maxey and I have been building the stage set for Vacation Bible School at First Baptist Church Carrollton (our home church).

We have had a wonderful time working together...creating something that was quite a challenge. It's a 30' by 15' airplane hanger with plane. To make a long story short--IT'S FINISHED! We put it up this afternoon! I think it looks awesome! I hope the kids like it tomorrow when VBS begins!.

Painting the "airplane" in my sewing room

Creating "shipping crates" out of cardboard boxes, foam board, and paint.
(It's still lacking it's detailing.)

Assembling all the framework in the gym

The rough layout with the first coat of paint

It's like a giant puzzle

It's taking shape...Please, please don't fall

It's nearly up!

Final touches of black paint

with one hour and 24 minutes until the evening worship service begins.
It's been a busy afternoon!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Learning Something New...

This photo tells a long story...

My cousin, Gail, gave me something for my birthday that I had been wanting for quite a while. (She knows me way, way, way too well!) Anyway, it's a stenciling kit for fingernails. I was very excited about getting it!

Bummer though! It didn't work. I thought maybe she got ripped off by some off-brand or something. The polish wiped right out of the stencil every time I tried it. 

Well, maybe I didn't have the right kind of polish (it came with the stencils, but no polish); so I went to the mall and bought the "real" polish for their "real kit".    ???

Saturday I decided to spend some dedicated time on this project.

Well...I finally conquered it. The secret?

See that wadded up blue stuff in the photo? That's a protective sheet the manufacturer put on the little stencil disks. Duh!!!! It didn't say anything about that in the instructions! Anyway, I finally figured out that if you'd pull that off the polish would go into the stencil groove to be transfered to my fingernail.

Now I'm having fun!!!!  I have a different design on every fingernail (not the intent of the manufacturer, I'm sure).

VBS is Coming to FBCC...and we're helping!

Vacation Bible School is fast approaching at our church. Maxey got asked to build the stage backdrop (an almost 30 foot wide airplane hanger with plane). He graciously allowed me to help him. We have had so much fun!! Here are a few photos of our first day's efforts. 

After about 36 hours, we were ready to deliver the frames for the foamboard front of the hanger. We built them here at home because that's where all Maxey's tools are, but there's definitely nowhere to store them. The church has a building they let us stack them in until closer to VBS time.