Sunday, November 29, 2009

Under the weather???

I noticed that on my October blog I was "under the weather". Well, it's the end of November and I've been sick most of the past 3 weeks. It's getting very, very tiring!! Maxey said I'm bound and determined to stay sick until I share it with him...

I was able to fix Thanksgiving Dinner for 8 of us: Maxey and I, Dawn (my sister), Gage (my nephew), Janie (Gage's girlfriend), Jennifer (Janie's niece), Gail (my cousin), and Jeremy (my son-in-law). It was a wonderful day!!

The minute everyone left, I came down with fever and went to bed. It was so extreme that I halucinated all night. It was weird. Friday morning (Black Friday) I was supposed to go shopping with Joyce Lange. I called her at 6:3o and told her I had been sick all night but that the fever had gone away about 4am. I didn't want to share a germ with her. She was so excited about shopping that she wanted to go long as I promised not to "kiss her". (No problem!) We had a great time shopping, but I really wasn't myself. The minute we got home, I went to bed. It felt great to lay down!

Whatever this is needs to move on out...SOON!! I'm tired of it!!!!!!!