Monday, February 23, 2009

We just got back from a quick but wonderful visit in Amarillo. Our original reason for the trip was to witness Maxey's grandkids, Brooklyn and Logan, being baptized on Sunday. When we spoke to Kit and Ashley, we learned that they were supposed to pick up their new puppy that Arlington. Well, there was no reason for them to drive to Arlington when we live right next door. So--Maxey and I met the "dog lady" in Arlington and got to be the first to meet Aggie, the new family basset hound. I wasn't sure what a basset hound was. I had visions of Jed Clampett's dog, but it turned out that Aggie is much cuter that his dog and not nearly as large.

We had no trouble at all with Aggie in the car. She slept almost the entire trip. Here are a couple of pictures of her in the car:

Foster enjoyed Aggie. She's a terrific addition to the family.

Precious' Golf Excursion

We had a "free day" at home last Monday, so Precious and I went to the golf course with Maxey. It was a little cool and very breezy, but we had a great time riding around in the golf cart while Maxey played 18 holes. As you can see by the photos, Precious even tried it.