Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

How can I be so busy? I'M RETIRED!!

Dear me, it's been another 2 1/2 months since I posted anything. Time flies when you're having fun! And I'm definitely having fun!

The end of June Maxey and I celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary with a cruise to Alaska. Yes, it was "a little" early, but we wanted to go while we were both young enough to enjoy the trip. It was wonderful. Here are a few photos (which look just like everyone else's photos of their Alaska cruise) plus a few of the flowers we saw while on the trip:

In July things got crazy around here! Maile resigned from her job to stay home with James. That meant that Jeremy, Maile and James could no longer afford their house. They put it up for rent and started looking for an apartment. Meanwhile, we decided it was a good time to have a garage sale. Or two... We gathered all our valuable junk and had a garage sale the middle of July, then another one (with deeper weeding) last weekend. That was fun!!

The house rented in about a week. Maile and Jeremy had a little trouble finding a suitable apartment, but God ran a "one day special" at the Tallows that seemed to be just for them. Yippee! They moved on the 10th, and the renters moved into their house on the 14th. Look how big James is now:
In the meantime, we've decided to redo one of the rooms in our house. I had it full of exercise equipment, but I exercise at the community center and senior citizens' center now. We sold all the exercise equipment last garage sale. I wanted to set up a kid's playroom, but after a few visits from Foster; I realized that kids don't need their own room at Mammy and Papa's house. We might set up another bedroom...or get a longarm quilting machine...or both. Right now I have the room piled up with "stuff" that can't find a home since I sold 4 bookcases last weekend in the garage sale. Oh well...

I've been to a Travis Cottrell concert where my hearing was literally damaged. It was ridiculous how loud that was!! It was physically painful...with lasting ill-effects!

I've been to Canton 1st Monday Trade Days with the ladies of First Baptist Carrollton. We had a delightful day!

Maxey and I were in Amarillo the first week of August. We got to stay one day in Clarendon visiting Maxey's kinfolk; and we stayed a couple of days with my friend Suzanne; we got to visit Maxey's kids and grandkids; Maxey played golf with his buddies while I just goofed off; we stayed with Kit and Ashley 3 days and attended birthday parties for both Kit (30th) and Foster (2nd).

Meanwhile...Maxey and I decided that the pool (which takes up our entire backyard) has been in the way long enough. We are taking it out!!! We have spent the last week and a half tearing out all the beautiful flowerbeds. I gave most of the perennials to Gail, who lives across the alley. I still have 2 shrubs that I can't find homes for. That's so sad! We've stacked all the border bricks til our backs are sore. Maxey disconnected all the water, electricity and gas lines. We're ready! The pool removal people will be here tomorrow morning to demolish and haul all of it off. That's the rule in Carrollton. Nothing can be left in the ground. Then good fill dirt will be brought in, packed down, and topped with about a foot of topsoil. Then we'll have a REAL yard! Yea!! It'll take a year or so for it to look like a yard, but it will be a lot better than a backyard full of water.

I'll try to blog again soon with photos of the removal!! Here are a few photos of our progress so far...