Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Although I love being retired, I decided to get a part-time job to earn enough money to buy a new embroidery machine.

I found a little Baptist church that needed someone to create their bulletin and PowerPt for their services each week. Yea! I love doing both of those jobs! I met with the office manager briefly and a few days later was called in to meet with the pastor. We had a great visit. He was very excited and told me he would have the office manager call me the next day to set up my start date, etc. Whooppee!! Unfortunately, my phone never rang!?!? I waited almost a week and called them, but there was no answer. I left a message on the pastor's voicemail stating that I was disappointed that the promised phone call never came and that I hoped the office manager wasn't still sick. I never heard a word from them! I guess I'm not supposed to have the job!?!?

Next option: Sell my car. Maxey's 2006 Matrix just like mine is parked in the garage. There's no reason to keep an extra car...especially since we need some money. So, we decided to sell my Matrix with 32,000 miles and keep the one with 8,000 miles. So, late last night we put a For Sale sign on the car. This morning I drove it to church for Bible Study and Livewire Choir. Of course, I parked strategically where the car and FOR SALE sign could be seen from the busy street next to the church. When I came out of choir practice, a man was waiting for me. We went for a test drive; and he bought my car! Wow!!

So...Good Bye Matrix

Hello Embroidery Machine!