Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Two and a half months?!?

How can it have been over two months since I updated my blog?!?

Let me see…
What has been occupying my time?

In April, we weeded the entire front yard. We had some places that washed out every time it rained last year, so Maxey planted some Fescue grass to keep the ground from washing out. Well, this year the St. Augustine grass we planted is finally spreading over those washed out areas. The Fescue was dark green and the St. Augustine was bright green. So…we spent 2 ½ weeks pulling up all the Fescue. Whew!! What a job! But boy does the yard look great!!!!!

  • My flowerbeds are absolutely beautiful this year! In fact, we were going to replace our fence this spring, but the flowers were already too pretty to be disturbed. The fence will just have to wait until late fall.

  • James (my new next door neighbor) is now ten weeks old. He’s a real delight. His mommy brings him over to see me a little while each day. He’s already learned my “loud” voice and silly faces. He smiles at me a lot! (I think it’s because I help him find his elusive thumb…) I’ve gotten to babysit him twice already! He really enjoys himself at Mammy and Papa’s house!

  • One of my closest friends, Suzanne Couch, had brain surgery (a craniotomy) the end of May. Boy was that scary…for her, but for me, too. The week after she got to go home, I went to Amarillo and spent a few days with her. She’s a walking MIRACLE. I am so blessed that she has been a part of my life for over 30 years! And I praise God that she’s recovering from her surgery like nothing ever happened!! God is so good!!

                  • Early in June, I started filet crocheting “Jones” for Lindsey (Underhill) Jones. I’m about half finished with it. She asked me to make it for her just after she got married, but I told her it would probably be mid-summer before I could get it done. Wow!! I’m right on schedule!! (no photo...yet!)

                  • Precious is now getting her haircuts at home. We tried taking her to two different groomers, but they just couldn’t seem to do what we asked them to…plus it was nearly $40 each time; so Maxey and I decided we could cut her hair. We didn’t do too well the first time, but we clip her about every two weeks, so we’re getting better. This last time she looked absolutely adorable! She sure is prissy when she knows she looks cute!

                  • Foster came to visit us June 12th. His mommy and daddy brought him, but they only stayed here two days. They flew to Cozumel for a week. They’ve been snorkeling with the sharks and sea turtles while we’ve been having a blast with Foster. HE IS SO MUCH FUN! We’ve taken a walk in our stroller every morning after Papa went to work. We’ve been to at least one park every day with Maile and James. We’ve played for hours with the water hose (his favorite activity) either at Maile’s or at Mammy’s. He adores Precious. They are the best of buddies!! The living room is now full of toys…we find different ones of interest everyday. PLUS, every evening after supper we all swim for an hour or two. We’ve been having a great time!

                  • Tomorrow Maxey and I leave on our 50th Wedding Anniversary Cruise!!! We decided to take it now, because when we've been married 50 years there's a possibility that neither one of us will WANT to go on a cruise!